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We are specialized in the production of over 35 species of palms, yuccas cicadeceas and in our nurseries near Barcelona, that cater mostly to the weather around the Mediterranean and much of continental Europe.

We help and collaborate with owners, technicians gardening, municipalities and landscapers in project development when choosing species most suitable palm, taking into account climate, soil conditions, sensitivity to red palm weevil and use destined. Our experience in cultivating and care in different species of palms is the best guarantee for poderles conveniently advice.

If it is your desire to project or build a unique, spectacular and different garden is commonly seen, different species of palms, its location and perspective, are certainly the best element for this purpose.

If you have patience and have a tighter budget conscious, we can work with juvenile palms format, which in the short term of 5 to 10 years, will become outstanding adults and palm trees.

It is our desire to help and advise their projects, both residential and hoteliers remain in the future as true scenic jewels, which over the years to increase their ornamental value, and not leave anyone indifferent. remarkable species and we believe that add value are certainly the following species: Parajubaea Torally, Butia Yatay or Eriosphata, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Brahea Armata, Chamaerops Cerifera, Archontonphoenix, Jubaea Chilensis as well as various species of Yuccas, as Rostrata or Filifera or cycads as Dioon Edule Rio Verde, or species as Encephalartos collector.