Archontophoenix Naturpalm
Archontophoenix Cunningamiana NaturpalmArchontophoenix Cunningamiana NaturpalmArchontophoenix Cunningamiana NaturpalmArchontophoenix Cunningamiana NaturpalmArchontophoenix Cunningamiana Naturpalm

Archontophoenix Cunningamiana

Archontophoenix Cunningamiana, in its natural habitat that is east of Australia, we can find in wooded areas thousands of meters of altitude above sea level. It is a palm tree that in order to develop prefers partial shaded place where it can show its total beauty and in full sun its leaves become smaller and more compact.
It has been few years that it has being incorporated in many gardens with success, as it is a plant which is resistant to moderate frosts, grows fast and brings to the landscape a tropical environment which is due to its characteristic form of ringed trunk and its totally green stock.
For its correct flourishing it needs profound and fertile soils, with plenty of moisture, especially in summer.
In gardening it can be collocated in groups, in different levels and also it adapts perfectly in flower pots. We also can find a spectacular specimens with two or three feet from its base that in groups multiplie its beauty.
We dispose a bulb and in container whose maximum height of the trunk is 3m.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: East of Australia.
  • GENUS: Archontophoenix.
  • SPECIES: Cunningamiana.
  • SOIL TYPE: Rich in organic material.
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Bright green.
  • LEAF SHAPE: Pinnate.
  • GROWTH: Fast.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Abundant.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 15/20cm.

    Climatic Zones – Europe


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