Palmnera chamaerops cerifera vivarium
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Chamaerops Cerifera

An elegant palm tree in medium size. It differs from the rest of the varieties of Chamaerops for its characteristic glaucous-blue color of its palmate leaves.

Very resistant to cold weather and salinity it grows perfectly in all the peninsula and large part of continental Europe. It is no demanding regarding the soil, however, if it is grown in fertile environment, the palm tree appreciates it showing its maximum splendor.

It is its natural habitat, Atlas mountains in Marocco, is where it can be seen in its total splendor and usually forming small colonies. In gardening and landscaping it has no competition with the rest of the varieties of Chamaerops, just for its fantastic color of the leaves that make the palm tree stand out where it is located.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: Marocco, Atlas mountains.
  • GENUS: Chamaerops
  • SPECIES: Cerifera
  • SOIL TYPE: Drained and preferably fertile.
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Glaucous-blue
  • LEAF SHAPE: Palmate
  • GROWTH: Moderate.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Frequent in summer.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 15/20cm.

Climatic zones – Europa


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