cicadacea cycas revoluta
Cyca Revoluta NaturpalmCyca Revoluta NaturpalmCyca Revoluta Naturpalm commonCyca Revoluta Naturpalm cultivationCyca Revoluta Naturpalm

Cycas Revoluta

Cyca Revoluta is without any doubt a queen of Cycas and also the more extended in all tropical, subtropical gardens and templates of the world.
Its growth is rather slow, however, in comparison with other cicadaceae is one of the fasters. It is very adaptable and rustic, it adapts generally to all types of soil if they are drained and loose. Each year it sprouts new leaves, however, depending on the location and latitude it might happen twice a year. The trunks eventually might branch, giving to the plant primitive and elegant appearance.
They are long-lived plants that can reach more than 200 years. Once established in the soil it tolerates perfectly the frost.
Massively cultivated during the last years and due to its big supply in the market the prices have been reduced ostensibly, especially among young specimens. However, the specimens that are more than one meter of the trunk continue at the high price.
This plant cannot be missed in any garden, as it brings an elegance and distinction different from the palm trees, and the ideal landscaping combination would be mixing two species. A lot of people mistake them with small palm trees, even though their taxonomy is totally different.
Cicadaceae is considered one of the most antique species on this planet, however, the debate about their true antiquity is still on.
We dispose a big quantity of plants whose trunk is between 20/40cm., and big specimens of more than 1 meter of the trunk.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: South of Japan (RyuKyu islands).
  • GENUS: Cicadaceae
  • SPECIES: Revoluta
  • SOIL TYPE: Drained.
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Dark shining green, making a form of rosette.
  • LEAF SHAPE: Pinnate, Perenne.
  • GROWTH: Slow.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Abundant, especially during the growing stage.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 15/20cm.

Climatic zones – Europe


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