encephalartos ferox naturpalm
Encephalartos ferox naturpalm nurseryEncephalartos ferox naturpalm nursery

Encephalartos Ferox

Magnificent plant with a sturdy trunk up to 2m. in height, which rarely ramifies, and whose diameter is from 35 to 40 cm.
It is an indigenours specie of south Africa, specifically in various coastal areas of Mozambique and north Natal, where we can find them mainly in forests and shrubbery.
It prefers a hot climate of a summer and template in winter, even though it perfectly adapts to slight and short frost.
In gardening it is usually used as an isolated example or forming small groups of 2 or 3 examples. It requires to be located in a sunny or partly shaded place.
It is very important that the soil were well drained, to include leaf mold and compost, and also manure can be used with different types of fertilizers. These plants are very sensitive to swamps or excess of water, even though they are very resistant to pests.
It is difficult to find these plants in the garden centres or vivariums as well as in the gardens in general. It can be observed in their total beauty in botanic gardens, for example in city Córdoba.
We dispose diferent size of caudex that are between 4 and 15cm.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: Mozambique
  • FAMILY: Zamiaceae
  • GENUS:  Encephalartos
  • SPECIES: Ferox
  • SOIL TYPE: Drained
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Dark green color
  • LEAF SHAPE: Rigid and thorny leaves.
  • GROWTH: Very slow.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Abundant in summer.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 35/40cm.
  • Climatic Zones – Europe


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