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Jubaea Chilensis (Eng)

Gigantic and very spectacular palm tree originally from Chile, where it grows in plain areas as well as in steep slopes, in the environment which is totally Mediterranean with long periods of drought. The bark of the trunk is very smooth of the color green cement, with the trunk that is thick in the base and narrower upwards. Precious dark green Pinnate leaves, without any type of thorns. Its growth is extremely slow, especially till it forms a base of the adult trunk, from this point its growth is somewhat faster. It is a palm tree with pinnate leaves that adapts to cold weather, around -15c.
For this reason it flourishes without any kind of problems in large part of western and eastern Europe.
Where it is located it will be a prominent element of the garden for the imponent and massive appearance that it represents. Also it seems beautiful in line-ups and promenades.
We dispose big specimens from their country of origin, Chile, on request as minimum as 9 month in advance. We also dispose specimens whose trunk is between 30cm. and 100cm. in our gardens.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: Chile.
  • GENUS: Jubaea
  • SPECIES: Chilensis
  • SOIL TYPE: Sandy
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Intense green.
  • LEAF SHAPE: Pinnate
  • GROWTH: Very slow, especially in the initial stage.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Abundant.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 110/150cm.

Climatics zones – Europe


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