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Phoenix Sylvestris

Phoenix Sylvestris is a palm tree which has been reciently introduced into the gardening in southern Europe. As much as the largest part of Phoenix is of fast growth and tolerates any type of soil as well as strong winds.

With years Phoenix will make a sturdy trunk up to fifteen metres high. It easily hybrids with any Phoenix, so that it is not easy to locate pure specimens.

In its county of origen from its trunk sugar and alcoholic drink juice is extracted.
In gardening and landscaping it allows a great variety of combinations, and we can locate it as an isolated examplary, in groups of different high and of course in line-up. It differs from other Phoenix for its compaction of its leaf crown and its characteristic orange color of its trunk.

We provide specimens of the bulbs whose trunk is up to 2 metres high, or in container on request as minimum as 4 months in advance.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: North of India
  • GENUS: Phoenix
  • SPECIES: Sylvestris
  • SOIL TYPE: Any, it is very rustic
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Green, grayish.
  • LEAF SHAPE: Pinnada
  • GROWTH: Fast.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Moderate.

Zonas climáticas – Europa


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