Syagrus naturpalm currents
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Syagrus Romanzoffiana

An elegant palm tree in medium size and tropical look. Ideal for creating tropical enviroments that are not, like all western and eastern Mediterranean. It has characteristic ringed trunk of variuos diameters thick depending on the terrain where its roots are being developed, and spectacular and long pinnate feathery leaves with no thorns. Very resistant to winds and cold weather.

In its natural habitat, it coexists with other species of palm trees, as Acronia Acuelata, copernicia Alba and Butya Yatay with whom it crosses sporadically and creates hybridizations resulting in a spectacular Butiagrus.
It requires fertile and slightly acidic soils for a spectacular vegetation, however, if it is located in calcareous soil it needs extra iron in chelated form for optimization of its color and growth.

Syagrus is a good alternative to incorporate in our gardens as a palm tree of really spectacular ornamental result, providing tropical cache and successful outcome. Also it is one of non-sensitive species to red palm weeved.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: North of Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brasil.
  • GENUS: Syagrus (formerly Arecastrum). Name in Argentina is Pindo.
  • SPECIES: Romazoffiana
  • SOIL TYPE: Sandy and fertile
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Intense green
  • LEAF SHAPE: Pinnate
  • GROWTH: Fast.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Abundant, epecially in summer.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 35/55cm.

Climatic zones – Europa


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