Sample of two wagnerianus naturpalm
trachycarpus wagnerianustrachycarpus wagnerianus show sizetrachycarpus wagnerianus naturpalm show sizetrachycarpus wagnerianus snow naturpalmtrachycarpus wagnerianus snow naturpalmwagnerianus adult

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus

It is a kind of fashion within trachycarpus family, however, unlike other varieties, wagnerianus has more compact crown and as the petioles that sustains its leaves are short and rigid, they give it a characteristic form of Bonsai.

Even though its origin is unknown, it might be Japan or Korea, and also has been speculated that it might be a variant of Trachycarpus Fortuney.

It is very resistant to winds, pests and especially to cold weather. It flourishes perfectly in United Kingdom. Its growth is somewhat slow in its juvenile stage, however, once established its growth is faster.
It is very recommendable to small gardens without much space, as this elegant palm tree brings to the environments where it is located a diferent look which makes it stand out from other plants.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: Unknown, it is supposed that Japan.
  • GENUS: Trachycarpus
  • SPECIES: Wagnerianus
  • SOIL TYPE: Any.
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Intense green
  • LEAF SHAPE: Palmate
  • GROWTH: Moderate-fast.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Abundant in summer.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 15/18cm.

Climatics zones – Europa


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