Washingtonia Filifera robust
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Washingtonia Filifera

In its natural habitat we can find Washingtonia Filifera in a desert areas, but only within the ravines or gorges where a scarce rain accumulates during the year. Moreover, in certain areas it can be seen jointly with Brahea Armata.

It is not such a common plant as Washingtonia Robusta, since comparatively it has been grown more species of Robusta than Filifera. In many cases of cultivation of Washingtonia Filifera the results have not been good, as a result that many seeds are hybridised with Washingtonia Robusta and each day is harder to find pure seeds of Washingtonia Filifera.

It is a palm tree of extraordinary poise, high scenic and ornamental beauty, with much more valued cache than its cousin Washingtonia Robusta.

In gardening unlike Washingtonia Robusta, the best option is to plant it as an unique element, and of course in line-up.

We provide a bulb of a maximum high of the trunk of 4m.


Product Description

  • ORIGIN: Northeast of Mexico and lower California.
  • GENUS: Washingtonia
  • SPECIES: Filifera
  • SOIL TYPE: Any
  • FOLIAGE COLOR: Celadon, with typical filamentary edges
  • LEAF SHAPE: Palmate
  • GROWTH: Moderate.
  • IRRIGATIONS: Moderate.
  • TRUNK DIAMETER: 60/80cm.

Climatics zones – Europa


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